Handcrafted skis for the ultimate Powder experience

PowderNorth Customs

Custom wood veneer Powder Skis

PowderNorth Customs is the result of 10 years Research and development of Powder skis. Our new line of Custom skis are even lighter than before and constructed with skateboard like toughness, with the addition of ash sidewalls and wood veneer topsheets. PowderNorth skis are for serious skiers that want a serious Powder ski. Deep snow is where these skis truly reign!  January 2019 we're celebrating our 10th anniversary.  PowderNorth Customs.  You can choose from all of the ski models that we have available, plus a few of our favorite Customs that weren't previously available. We assemble the information you give us, based on skier ability and terrain preference, then we build you the best Powder ski specifically for you. After 10 years of ski building we're still going strong. Powder to the people!                             


PowderNorth skis was founded by extreme skier and backcountry enthusiast Mike Murphy, on a mission to build the perfect Powder ski.  In 2006, Murphy and family left the mountains of Summit County CO. and moved to the Midwest. Talk of almost 1,000 vertical ft peak led Murphy on a 5 hour trek from Northern WI. to the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan's  Mount Bohemia. Immediately drawn to the steep terrain, and amount of lake effect snow, plans were developing to start ski building. A couple seasons and  Powder days later, PowderNorth was established. In 2009, PowderNorth  started building Powder skis in Northern WI. and product testing in the deep snows of Northern Michigan and Summit County Co.

Mike Murphy  laying up an early pair of PowderNorth Skis  circa 2009

Photo credit: T.C Worley New York Times - March 09, 2007

Skier: Mike Murphy      Location: Mount Bohemia MI.

Photo credit: Chris Guilbert       March 28, 2018      Skier: Mike Murphy    Location: Mount Bohemia 

Photo Gallery

Loveland Pass CO. 

Taking in the view of Lake Lac La Belle MI.  @Mount Bohemia

Powder day on Jupiter  Mount Bohemia MI.

North Pole yurt bar at Mount Bohemia MI.